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*taking in person and virtual appointments

Working together to make manageable, positive dietary and lifestyle changes to meet your long term health goals.

Addressing any of the following:​

  • Mental health 

  • Cognitive health

  • General health

  • Autoimmunity 

  • Digestive health

  • Specialising in allergies and histamine intolerance


  • 1 Hour initial consultation and 14 day meal plan $160 plus HST

  • 30 minute follow up $40 plus HST

  • 45 minute consultation only $60 plus HST

  • 14 day meal plan only - $100 plus HST- *option is for current clients only. Please contact via contact section or email to request. 

1 hour consultation and 14 day meal plan package

In this initial 1 hour consultation, we will review your intake forms and discuss your current health goals and concerns. Following our meeting , I will create a 14 day meal plan and wellness plan recommendations tailored to your health goals. 

This package includes:

  • 1 hour consultation 

  • 14 day meal plan

  • Recipe list and links

  • InsideU shopping list

  • Journal prompts 

  • Mindful eating handout 

  • Positive Body Affirmations handout

$160 plus HST

*this package is to get clients started towards their health goals based on recommendations established with this package. A 30 minute follow- up is suggested once the meal plan has been completed by the client to review and adjust recommendations as necessary. Additional meal plans can be added. 

*meal plans take 10-12 business days to complete and be sent.

30 Minute

follow up

In our follow up meeting(s) we will see how you are doing and feeling with the meal and wellness plan recommendations that were provided and make any changes needed to continue on your journey towards your health goals.


$40 plus HST

45 initial consultation 

In this 45 minute initial consultation we will review your intake forms and discuss any current health goals or concerns. Based on our discussion I will make food and potential supplement recommendations. 

This consultation includes:

  • 45 minute consultation 

  • Food and supplement recommendations

  • Journal prompts 

  • Mindful eating handout

$60 plus HST

14 day meal plan only

*for current clients

This 14 day meal plan can be added on to any current client's plan. This is best after a follow up meeting to see how well things are going and if any changes need to be done for new plan. 

This add on includes:

  •  14 day meal plan

  • Recipe list

  • Updated protocol if deemed necessary and/or following a 30 minute follow up 

$100 plus HST

Nutrition Services


Vanessa has consistently gone above and beyond to help me reach my health goals.  I spoke with Vanessa about a few issues; low iron, lack of energy, generally just feeling crummy and the desire to begin navigating my own health journey through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes.  And lastly to make better food decisions for myself and my family.  Not only did Vanessa’s suggestions and recommendations have an immediate impact on my energy levels, I can honestly say I felt for the first time in a long time feeling lifted out of a general malaise fog and into clarity. 


Vanessa prepared for me a 3 week delicious and manageable food plan with recipes included!  That made shopping a no-brainer.  And with a busy life schedule I felt I was successfully able to manage (and maintain!) these new food changes, rather than the normal feeling of overwhelm.  I am now more educated around my food choices, and supplements than ever before.  She continues to stay in touch with me and is available for questions or further suggestions or ‘tweaks’ as needed for my nutritional needs. 


Working with Vanessa, I feel healthier and happier.  I make better and more informed food choices that helps me to stay that way!  Thank you for everything Vanessa. 

-Ana P.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Vanessa Reis, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, for a consultation. I had a lot of questions regarding my health, my nutrition, and the supplements I was taking. She listened to my concerns as well as my goals. My appointment was not rushed, Vanessa was attentive and thorough. She provided excellent advice and guidance and answered all my questions.
Vanessa provided me with a diet and supplement plan that was easy to understand and
implement. My energy levels have been great, I haven’t felt this well in a long time.
I would strongly recommend Vanessa, she is caring and knowledgeable. She will definitely help make a difference in your health and your life.

- Cristian L., DD

If you like what you've seen and are looking to work on your health goals through food with me

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