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About Vanessa: Welcome
Vanessa in her grandparent's garden.


 Hello! I'm Vanessa! I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I graduated from Culinary Management at Humber college and worked as a pastry chef de partie at a 5 diamond restaurant and fine dining restaurants and wineries here in Southern Ontario.


When I first attended Culinary school it was with the intention to graduate and continue into the nutrition program Humber offered at the time. During my time in culinary school I had an internship at Langdon Hall in Cambridge Ontario. Through hard work and determination this internship opened an employment position within the pastry department I had been interning in. This opportunity allowed me to continue my journey in the culinary world for several more years, while placing the nutrition idea on the shelf for the time being. Throughout my time in the culinary industry, as like most, I worked tirelessly, long days, longer nights and missing the simple things in life like visiting friends and family and being with them on weekends and special occasions. The stress of the industry and personal life caught up to me when I developed an allergy to gluten, dairy and an autoimmune condition triggered by stress and cold known as Raynauds syndrome. 

Although I cultivated some of my greatest friendships and memories while working in the culinary industry, I knew I had finally reached a point in life where I needed to transition out of the industry for my whole health - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


One day, I cut my finger badly enough to seek medical care and it was as if the universe decided to stop knocking on my door and in the moment began BANGING on the door instead. A nurse and I were having an organic conversation about health, well being and food and she asked me point blank "have you ever thought of becoming a nutritionist", in response I laughed and said "if you only knew". 

The next morning I woke up and contacted the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, attended a class and interviewed for new employment for an office job. By the end of that week I was registered in school and moving into new employment. 

So began my journey of regaining my own well being. 

I grew up with a family that loves and appreciates good food. My grandparents always had their own gardens and grew their own foods. We've had many conversations about whole foods, nature and our well-being. 

My family and food influences grew my love for good quality whole foods and the connection to how food nourishes us well before I realized how food was affecting me and those around me. 

Through my own experiences, I have come to learn that many people have lost the connection to real food and how food makes us feel - mentally, emotionally and physically.

My goal is to work with my clients and help them develop the tools they need to feel confident about working with whole foods while working toward their own personal health goals. 



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About Vanessa: Bio
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